update sorta

SpoCom was SpoCom its a nice show in my hometown. Its kinda lame actually

The Mooneyes make up day for last years rained out christmas party was amazing. I jammed from Irwindale to LBC with the homie to SpoCom before the heat hit and missed the  pin up contest for me that blows. This show was way better then any import show I’ve been to in years.

The SuperGT Series is back in action at Sugo this weekend, with the #23 Nissan Motul GTR on pole for sundays race. The Subaru above has been switched from AWD to RWD since Sepang.

The European Touring Car Cup is back in action in Austria this weekend as well. With James Thompson and his Accord favorites for the title. The FD2 above is Swiss built and competes in the ADAC procar series and is in the support race for the ETCC main event. This maybe the only properly built FD2 touring car in the world. The Champ car out of Macau? is not even homologated to the S2000 regs or nationally I believe. Great little car though.

I miss my old ef

I use to own a black EF just like this. Only mine was ZC powered with SSR type-C wheels. She was stolen from me on Thanksgiving day last year. Well long story short I never got her back. I found this on I think Racer 86’s page and it really got me.