Rant Vol3 # 4 2010

BMW the cheapest car company in the world?

BMW has only recently committed to a return to the DTM. Only on the condition that the series switch back to your coupes. The SuperGT series is considering running a similar rules package to the DTM accept that they will allow the use of hybrid systems ala KERS and the like. BMW has also said that they would consider entering the aussie V8 Supercar series if it changes to a DTM coupe style series that would allow it use the M3 coupe. They are basically trying to force the world to adopt the DTM rules package in 2012. I’m not a diehard traditionalist when comes to series should only be one way but this is fucking ridiculous. I wouldn’t have this problem if BMW just came out and said they wanted into these series as is  that would be fine. But holding a series hostage and manipulating the rules for your benefit is bullshit.  There going after three of the best series in the world and creating one basic formula. Thats not right what made these series great is that they were individual and catered to there home nation. This rule package doesn’t do that. What do Germans or aussies care about a honda HSV-010 that they cant buy and has a hybrid power plant? Do the japanese care about the blood feud that is ford Vs Holden? I’ll save you all from my rant about this bullshit idea of bringing a DTM series clone to US. So i’ll leave you with my wife glitch