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JRM Killin 2012!

World Endurance Championship, Honda P1Nissan Skyline GT3 program.doing pretty well so far!

SuperGT testing has begun

Honda and toyota have been testing recently. Heres a little of the Honda test with the new smooth hoods and front fenders and  A SIDE MOUNT RADIATOR for the HSV’s. Hence the smaller and smooth hoods. This should be interesting to see how this develops.Test driver lineup of Suzuka test at January18-20Dome(#1) Kogure/  Duval Kunimitsu(#2) Izawa/ Naoki Yamamoto  REAL(#17) Kaneishi/ Tsukagoshi

ARTA(#8) Hideki Mutoh/ Takashi Kobayashi info from japanese samurai an autosport japans website