controversy @ 9000rpm

as mentioned before F20 series has been killed for next year. They intend on updating formula 4 instead, this has caused a massive amount contriversy and fighting in Japan. I’ll keep you posted. So this is the new Dome Formula 4 chassis for next year.


F20 Suzuka testing

they were back out testing recently at they Suzuka South Circuit.SInce they main Suzuka Grand Prix Circuit was getting work done to it. The Dome entry now sports the same livery as its SuperGT NSX cousin. Side note to this is that Dome and Tokyo R&D Sports entries are running on Volk TE37 Cup wheels! thats cool

F20 Expanded Coverage

this championship maybe the most interesting of 2009. It uses a spec chassis with the price of the monocoque being about 1,220,000 yen. all cars have to comply with a strict set of rules governing the over all demensions of the car.
After that the desginers have no restrictions on what they want to build.
Engines for these little monster runs along the same lines. You can run whatever you want as long it breathes threw a 20mm restrictor.The JMIA explains that the size of restrictor of 20mm is suitable for the engine of 800-1000cc.TOM’s is using a 1-liter motor from the Yaris. It’s the one with the white F3 style airbow sticking out the side. The price of the engine made of Tom’s is about 800,000 yen. Also Toda is using they motor pictured below. It’s called they TR-FX01. I think its a L15 blockand is full stressed block to be built into the chassis, but look at that craftsmanship on the carbon fiber intake trumpets.
They plan to hold the race series in 2010.


this is a new series or something out of Japan. Very little has been published on this. But the cars are sick I really want to drive the Mooncraft car.
very speed racer-ish no? But man I want to drive it. Mooncraft use to a part of the group that was attached to they raybrig NSX in the Supergt series. They also did work on they Spoon wide bodt kit for S200’s.Now they do independent projects for hirer. I think they did a bodykit for the Prius but I’m not sure.
this one is from Tokyo R&D.They runa Vemac in SuperGT in the GT300 Class.
heres Dome’s entry. Each company took a very different approch to the rules. Dome builds SuperGT NSX’s, Le Mans Coupes, F3 machines and consults on a variety of other automotice endevours.