early warning

AUTOSPORT’s expectation(GT500)
LeMans(#6, BS) Daisuke Ito/ Kazuya Oshima
Kraft(#35, BS) Juichi Wakisaka/ Andre Couto
Tom’s(#36, BS) Kazuki Nakajima/ Andre Lotterer
Cerumo(#38, BS) Yuji Tachikawa/ Kohei Hirate
SARD(#39, MI) Hiroaki Ishiura/ Takuto Iguchi(?), Yuji Kunimoto(??)
IMPUL(#12, BS) Tsugio Matsuda(?), Quintarelli(?), Motoyama(?), J.P.de.Oliveira(?)
NISMO(#23, BS(!)) Treluyer(?), Motoyama(?), Matsuda(?), Wirdheim(?)
KONDO(#24,YH) Hironobu Yasuda/ Oliveira(?), Quintarelli(?), Wirdheim(?)
MOLAorNISMO(#?, MI) Treluyer(?), Quintarelli(?), Wirdheim(?), Masataka Yanagida(?), Kazuki Hoshino(??)
Dome(#1, BS) Kogure/ Duval
ARTA(#8, BS) Hideki Mutoh/ Sakon Kondo(?), Takashi Kobayashi(?)
REAL(#17, BS) Toshihiro Kaneishi/ Kodai Tsukagoshi(?), Kobayashi(?)
NAKAJIMA(#32, DL) Ryo Michigami/ Tomoki Nakayama(?), Daisuke Nakajima(?)
Kunimitsu(#100, BS) Takuya Izawa/ Naoki Yamamoto

AUTOSPORT’s expectation(GT300)
*Team Taisan seem to have bought 458GT3. They might participate by 4 cars(F430, 458GT3, 996RSR*2).
*Team MACH(#5) might also buy 458GT3.
*Good Smile Racing will make BMW Z4 GT3 run.
*The entry of 911GT3R seems to become 4-5.
*RE-Amemiya(#7) might withdraw(no rotary?).
*NOB Taniguchi has received two or more offers(Taisan, GSR, etc).
*A new team(SGC) seems to make midship IS350 run.
*There seems to be a team that produce the GT300 version CR-Z(!)
*Ukyo Katayama might participate in GT300 as a supervisor.

TAS Motorsport News

so hellaflush or dumped in this post. Sorry fanboys.

Starting with the big boys R&D Sports GT300 B4 Legacy lookin sexy in carbon. I wonder how long it will take for the PROUD OF BOXER to end up on a t shirt?

here comes the new challenger to Godzilla in Super Taikyu

Godzilla in the flesh waiting to fight the audi’s, BMW”s and Porsche’s in 2011

The IS picking up from its big brother Altezza in ST3. Those rims……..?

2011 is shaping up nicely